Thursday, 26 September 2013

Trevor is magical, and everyone loves him.

Hello and welcome once again.
Despite being a bit late, I have managed to push out a comic this week.
I blame the lateness on extensive research into the subject matter.

Yes, like most of the console owning population, I have been playing GTA V.
I am pleased to report that I have been enjoying it muchly.
I played the living crap out of the last one, and I really got into the gritty, semi-realism of it.
Switching to the wild, hollywood style action town of GTA V hasn't required too much of an adjustment.
I did however find it a bit odd that you can roll a car that you're in back onto its wheels with the sheer force of your will.
Seriously, is that weird to anyone else? I find that really weird.
Plus, you can just roll it back and forth if you want, shaking the car to pieces.

Fortunately I'm not in the habit of rolling my cars over, and it is hugely convenient, so I'm willing to overlook the occasional burst of superpowers.
In the end, I guess I am free to play it straight and not roll my car around.
Seems like a waste of a good superpower though.
You know what they say about great power and all.

They say "roll your car about. It looks funny".

Finally able to go and play the game again,
~King Longburns.