Friday, 20 May 2016

Bats Men. Now with more bats.

So, so many bats.

Hello all, and welcome back.
For today's comic I drew tens of thousands of individual bats in a big cloud, coloured them all in one at a time, then I removed lines from them until the cloud looked like it was blending into one entity.
That's really the only way to achieve the desired effect.

It was worth it to be able to use the word portent, even if I refuse to use it correctly.
Who knows though. Maybe there is a correct context to use the plural "portents".
This isn't it though.

In other news, this Saturday I will be celebrating at the second annual King Longburns' Festival of Birthdays. There will be feasting, revelry, and a piñata/incredibly one-sided trial by combat.The result of last year's piñata/incredibly one-sided trial by combat is currently mounted on my kitchen wall.

There will also be photos, and I may post some of these next time.

Until then enjoy the above comic, also do other things, and I encourage you follow and or like my various social-medias.

Strongly encouraging,
~King Longburns.