Friday, 31 January 2014

There's no place like home.

We're going dark again this week, so if you are of a fragile disposition, don't look at this week's comic.
That one right up there. Have a look.
Yeah, that one.
Don't look at that.

Can I just say that I don't remember setting out to make the Scarecrow into some kind of freaky nightmare-fuel, but that seems to be the way he turned out.
I can't say I'm not happy with the results, though.

Actually, I quite enjoyed getting a bit more creative with the character design this week in general.
I should try to think of some gags that let me do a bit more of that.

Magical.... horse... man-face... something...

I dunno, I'll think about it.

Replacing all of my guards with scarecrows,
~King Longburns.

P.S. Speaking of freaky, look up the Tin Woodman.
Now that guy has a weird origin story.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Surprisingly dark.

Hello all,
How are you all?
I hope I haven't ruined your childhood too much with this weeks comic.
I only say that because I'm planning on going in for round two next week,
and I'm hoping that there will be some childhood memories left to mess with.

I didn't post last week because we were having a record breaking heat-wave, and I don't function very well at high temperatures.

Has anyone seen that episode of Black Books where Manny has a condition called Dave's Syndrome which activates when the temperature gets to 31 degrees?
Well it was over 40 degrees here for most of a week.
That episode shits me.

Feeling much better now that my brain isn't boiling,
~King Longburns.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

One day, I will sleep again.

Good day to you, one and all, and happy new year.
You can tell that it's a new year because I've had to change the date on my comics.
I normally just copy/paste it so that was a pain.
I hope you all appreciate the effort I went to.

I hope you all had a good time over the Christmassy, new year type period.
I had a pretty good time, although I may have spent far too long playing my cool new video game present.
I kept sitting down with the intention of playing Civ. 5 only for a few hours, and accidentally playing until 3 in the morning.
My main achievement in that time was managing to eat food.

The game has a quote on the box that says "the most addictive strategy game of all time".
I'm starting to think that that's actually a warning.

's a good game. I recommend it.

Trying to resist starting a new game,
~King Longburns.