Tuesday, 30 July 2013

New Mushroom Kingdom.

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Hello all,

So, first thing's first, has everyone played Last of Us yet? No, you up the back? You haven't?
That's ok. Neither did I. I had the Earl of PJs play it for my entertainment as I was busy doing King stuff, like writing lots of laws or whatever.

I don't think I could say much about the game that hasn't already been said. It has been covered to death after all (then it turned into a fungus zombie). I'll just say how impressed I am with how much games have evolved as a storytelling medium. A lot of thought went into that game, and the attention to detail is amazing. I mean that literally. I was amazed.

I though it was very good, basically. I liked it.
I would recommend this game, in an official Kingly fashion, to a person.

Man, can you believe that this was made by the same company that made Crash Bandicoot?
Actually, I can. Crash Bandicoot was rad.
Who knows. They probably take place in the same universe.

In other news, I'm still riding something of a mild motivated high after the encouraging experience that was PAX, so hopefully that will translate into more comics!
Those of you in the front three rows will want to make use of the splash guards.

The Royal Monkeys stole my pants again, but that is what I bought them for after all,
~King Longburns.