Thursday, 1 November 2012

Guilds! Guilds everywhere! Also cats.

Clicky for biggy.

Greetings Earthlings,

This is your King here, taking a break from playing too much Guild Wars 2.
If you haven't played it, it's basically a prettier World of Warcraft with a heavy emphasis on exploring and jumping puzzles.

They've also done their best to avoid the obvious fantasy races, which is fun.
It does make it harder to relate to the world initially. A lot of fantasy games use the standard fantasy races - Dwarves, Orcs, Elves etc. - which might not seem all that original, but you immediately know what to expect from them, more or less.

Guild Wars doesn't have that to rely on, so it's been a bit harder to get my head around the 'lore'.
Something about dragons I think.
I have, however, been spending just about all of my free time trying to figure it out.
That's my excuse anyway.

Oh, and two out of the five playable races are cat people (hence the comic).
Just sayin'.

In other news around the Kingdom, I've been breeding cows for my cow-tapault.
It's not a very deadly weapon, I will admit.
It's more for demoralization purposes.
For that it works wonders.

Here for your taxes,
~King Longburns.

P.S. I finally got to the top of that god damn clock-tower. Mad king can go fuck himself.
Here endeth the Guild Wars 2 related comments.