Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Dark King Rises.

Bane, huh?
He was cool, eh?
With his whole face thing going on, and his scary mask-voice.
It's just as well that they re-dubbed his voice, because he went from sounding like a guy trying to talk through a rolled-up sock to a cross between Darth Vader and some kind of story-telling Santa Clause.
This is the main theme of the comic today.
The mask-voice, I mean.

The other theme is that I really wanted to draw Bane.
Also Batman.

Yes. That's right. We're doing Batman again this week.
This is the last one though, I swear.

I enjoyed Dark Knight Rises, and I thought they did a great job at creating a believable, live action version of Bane.
Let's face it, as much Bane is an intimidating and intelligent character in the comics (or so I'm lead to believe, I haven't actually read them) he does look like some kind of Luchador on magic super-steroids.
For this movie they performed the clever trick of making Bane instantly recognizable without actually looking like his comic counterpart.

The movie Batman and Robin made the mistake of making their version of Bane look just like the comic version, and then also giving him the mental capacity and skin pigmentation of a piece of broccoli.
They also made the mistake of the whole rest of the movie.

~King Longburns.