Thursday, 29 October 2015

Miniature ghosts and witches walking around in full daylight because that's how we roll.


Did I get you?
No? You in the back?

It's Halloween, which means once again experiencing the deep shame of not having enough lollies to give to passing costumed children.
One time all I had was breakfast cereal.
It wasn't even good cereal.
It was crappy cereal.
Like Wheaties.

Here in Australia we took a while to warm up to Halloween.
We're aware of it but participation is very much optional. No tricking will occur.
Also, it's in the middle of spring over here, so it's warm, and kids will be trick-and/or-treating in full daylight.
If you T.P. someone's house, they will see you, and tell your mum.

I'm posting this comic a bit early this week because I'll be at PAX Aus tomorrow, and over the weekend.
I won't be there in any official capacity. I just bought a ticket, and I will be going.
Feel free to say hello if you like.
There may be a high-five in it for you.

Preparing to become exhausted,
~King Longburns.