Friday, 25 March 2016

This ended up being an Easter post by mistake. Still works though.

I didn't originally intend for this to be posted at Easter. That's just when it happened to be done by.
Still, I'm sure that there was some egg laying going on at this farm that day.
Most of it shock induced, I think.
Happy Easter, everyone!

In other news, I will be appearing at Supernova in Melbourne soon on the 16th and 17th of April as an actual exhibitor.
I'll have a table, and prints to buy, and I'll also be doing drawings on request so feel free to test my skills with an odd request.
Like maybe a scythe-wielding farmer harvesting chickens like wheat.
Wait, I already did that one. Pick something else.

It will be a first for me as I've never done this kind of official-type appearance before.
Come and share in this historic occasion.
I'll post more details once I know them.

I apologize to anyone upset by my Easter horror show,
~King Longburns.