Friday, 22 January 2016

Worm Love.

So, worm weddings, huh?
I'm actually going to a wedding this very weekend, which should be fun.
Are weddings meant to be "fun"? I'm not sure actually.
I've been to weddings before, and I'm not sure that fun was actually the goal.
That's ok, it can be a side-effect.

I have organized an extra special wedding gift, but I can't say what it is, because it's a surprise.
I can say, however, that it is beautiful in its ridiculousness, and will hopefully be well received.
I'll try to get some photos to show off next week.
*winking smiley face*

I also bought a nice new suit for the wedding.
Well, I say suit, but really I bought a suit, tie, belt, shoes, tie-pin, and pocket handkerchief.
I went all out really, or at least, I let the guy in the suit store go all out.
I'm really glad that that 30% discount popped up on their system just as it was all being paid for.
Saved me two hundred dollars.

Looking fucking fantastic,
~King Longburns.