Monday, 23 December 2013

A little down time for Warrior Man.

Welcome. How are we all?
I hope the festive season is treating you well.
Here in the Kingdom of Longburnberg we celebrate by covering a pig in treacle.
Then the townsfolk chase it around, trying to have a lick.
Last year this event caused the spread of a plague that nearly wiped out our beach volleyball team.

I had those responsible thrown into the ghoulag.
It's like a gulag only haunted.

Today's comic is inspired by a cardboard dollhouse that my Mum made for my brother and me when we were kids (gender based toys be damned).
In the dollhouse, New Adventures of He-Man Skeletor would get up in the morning, fall downstairs (he's an accomplished tumbler) and have breakfast.
Then he would go to work, leaving He-Man - who was missing a leg and a half and collected a disability pension - to work on his novel.

Nowadays Skeletor has retired to the shelves on my desk where he spends all day wearing spring-loaded fold out Batman wings.

I freakin' love toys,
~Kong Longburns.

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