Saturday, 8 October 2011

Where's Gumby when you need him?

Greetings honored guests,

I have finally hammered out another comic, this time with a Minecraft theme.
That and madness.

Madness I say!!!


I like me a bit of Minecraft, but it's in a bit of a crazy state at the moment what with all the new additions being whipped up in preparation for it's full official release.

Potions and strongholds and swamps. Oh my!

Honestly I have no complaints. Not many of the new additions seem entirely finished, but they do offer a nice little taste of what will soon be possible.
Then, when things settle down again, I will rebuild my castle, make potions, and breed an army of sheep.
Something like that.

Strangely enough, this comic took longer to get out than I had planned mainly because I've been playing too much of a game called Terraria. It's basically like Minecraft but it's 2D and has more fireballs. Also flying eyeballs.
It's pretty much filling the Minecraft void while Minecraft is in a state of flux.
Maybe that's not so strange after all.

In other news I'm having my Royal Subjects erect a statue of me in the courtyard.
It's looking pretty good so far. I think they've really captured my likeness.
One of the peasants got crushed by a big piece of falling marble, but it was only one of the kids and we've got bus-loads of them.
Literally actually.

Yours in confidence,
~King Longburns.